My name is Evan Oltman and I am currently a student at Central Michigan University majoring in Secondary Education with a Social Studies concentration while minoring in History and Leadership. I am from Canton, Michigan to Mount Pleasant, Michigan. There are many things to learn about me, but a few things to know are that my passions include History, Leadership, Education, Astronomy, and the Rooster Song. Watching people succeed makes me happy which describes why I chose Education as a major. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that I am actually doing something that positively affects adolescents. Assisting those who are discovering who they truly are and knowing what contributions they will bring to this world is an amazing feeling. Here are some fun facts about myself: I am the oldest of two children. My younger sister Emily and I are best friends. I was raised in a Catholic home where my faith played an important role and is still one of my most significant values. I would liked to be known by my integrity and character, but I’m mainly known for my odd sense of humor and my knowledge of random facts. I’m an athlete who will play just about any sport, but running and basketball are my favorites. I can drink a full plastic water bottle in less than 1 second. My favorite animal is either a cat or a sea otter. I make way too many spongebob references. I am a wannabe astrophysicist, but my true passion brings me back to history and education. I mainly listen to three types of music, modern alternative/punk, 80s rock/alternative, and top 40 music of the 2000s that you probably haven’t heard on the radio since at least 2010. Lastly, I am going to make a difference for this world whether its small or large. Positivity and Perseverance alongside with Knowledge, Creativity, and Passion will guide you on a long journey. This road might be a tough one, but those who can make it through the difficult times are the ones who become most successful (depending on your definition of successful). I’m Evan, it is very nice to meet you 🙂 Follow me on twitter if you wish @evanoltman

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