As a member of the class of 2014 Leadership Advancement Scholars, you find that everyone has a passion that is different from one another, but those passions lead to the same goal….the betterment of our community.

My passion is more of a mixture of multiple passions all munched together. Many other people and I like call this passion EDUCATION. Not the boring education that children dread and hate. I’m talking about learning plus success all multiplied by self worth squared. Nothing makes me happier than watching other people grow and reach their goals. I want to be able to educate children, especially adolescents trying to figure out their purpose in this world. It is actually one of my favorite things to watch. Watching someone who didn’t believe in themselves do something spectacular is wonderful.

In my opinion, positivity is the key to living a happy life. If I can help young people realize how much people actually need them, hopefully they will then understand circumstances in their past doesn’t necessarily define them forever. If I can help produce a person who can actually make a difference, then I will live a happy life.

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