Year in Review Reflection

My New Year’s Resolution wasn’t anything special, but basically just to have fun and make the most out of this semester. I have definitely made progress on these goals. This semester has literally pushed me to my limit. I have had my ups and downs, but I am doing my best to be the best I can be.

Since being here in August, I must say that LAS and the Leadership Institute has helped me grow tremendously and I can’t thank them enough. I have gotten involved with many different organizations. I became a desk worker, our Hall Council Vice President, a member of College 101, and an Active brother of Phi Kappa Tau fraternity. I participated in my events and conferences and was even an Alpha Leadership Facilitator. I have truly advanced myself as a leader on this campus and cannot wait to get involved even more.Β I have learned a lot about myself as a leader while being involved in all my organizations. I have learned about how to work with others whether you get along or disagree with them. Working with others can be a challenge, but you got to do what you got to do to survive. Happy School Year!


Seth Godin Reflection


Seth Godin is quite the inspiration when it comes to the world of blogging. I was recently reading a couple off his posts and one of them caught my eye. His blog “The troll inside” I thought was really interesting. This particular post talked about something you might have heard about recently called internet trolls. First off, a troll is someone who will argue with you on the internet and try to make you look bad to give themselves pleasure while hiding behind a computer screen. This blog talks about why you should never argue or state your point to a “troll” no matter how firmly you believe in something because they will always find a way to make you mad.

So why is this blog important? Basically people argue with each other all the time on the internet. First off, you look dumb if you engage in confrontation with someone who gets off on making others upset. People will always try to fire low blows and you will want to fire back. DON’T DO IT! It only attacks your imagine and people will look at you in a bad way.

When you strongly believe in something, don’t just post it on the internet for these trolls to attack you, but go out into the real world a make a difference! Something on the internet might be inspirational, but there will always be those people who try to bring you down. So raise yourself up and don’t take any internet trolls to heart, because you are awesome and you can do anything you want! Just remember that trolls live under the bridge while you are walking over it!